The History of Bars

Bars are often thought to be rather crucial components of the modern lifestyle but they actually have a long history to them. Establishments that serve the sole purpose of offering people the chance to drink whatever catches their fancy have existed in the various societies that sprung up around the world since the very beginning of recorded history as far as anthropological and archaeological experts have managed to ascertain based on the research they have conducted and large amounts of evidence that they have successfully managed to uncover as well.

Now, the kinds of bars that people had in places like ancient Mesopotamia were probably nothing like the bars we have today. For one thing, they probably only served beer since this was the first kind of alcoholic beverage ever invented. However, there are certain similarities between those bars and the bars in Montrose Houston too! They probably had bartenders similar to the ones we have, although in those days it was almost certain that the person serving you would be the owner of the establishment. What’s more is that bars in those days were pretty much definitely open aired environments.

Ventilation was just not that great back then since humans had yet to discover such techniques, and having the seating being offered outside meant that people would not have to deal with the often humid and muggy environments that could be found indoors. The fact that bars are such an old concept is quite intriguing since it indicates that while we have technology that would make ancient civilizations think of us as divine beings, socially speaking we are still very much the same as we want to drink alcohol in groups and have a good time.