Why do people use lockers:

Lockers are made to lock something. Usually people use lockers when they want to keep something safely. Anything can be kept in a locker. It would also depend on the size of the locker for people to store and keep something. Lockers can be kept in any place. Commonly we see lockers in gyms, homes, airports, schools, health clubs, break rooms and so on. There are office lockers singapore has. These lockers are in office and are used by the office staff to keep their belonging. Lockers are of different types.There are normal lockers and smart lockers. People would like to keep their valuable things or their belonging in a locker. At home when we have a locker we keep valuable things like money, gold ,precious items and important documents. There are lockers at other places where people keep their belonging. There are two ways how lockers are operated. Lockers either have lock and key and there are some lockers which can be locked by digital pin. The user can set the pin and then lock the locker. To open the locker they will have to enter the pin so that the locker gets opened.Its very important that the user keeps the key safely because if once the key is lost then it would be different to open the locker.Usually people have two or three keys so that even if one key is lost they can use the duplicate key.And if it is a smart locker the pin should be remembers and they should not share the pin with anyone as it can be misused.

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Let’s see the different types of lockers:

• ABS Locker
• Metal locker
• Coin locker
• Heavy duty plastic locker
• Wood locker
• Phenolic locker
• Laminate locker


Lockers are used to keep the belonging safely. There are many types of lockers. Lockers can be locked either by a lock and key or can be locked by using a digital pin.