Wonderful Art of Cronulla Beach with Fantasy World

Request a visitor from abroad what they think of when they think of Australia’s world famous beaches and it is unlikely they will say Manly Beach. They will likely mention Queensland’s Surfers Paradise or Sydney’s Bondi Beach, but may not have heard of Manly. Sydney siders know Manly and other northern shores well, though. When the temperatures rise in the summer, that is where families go to find a day at the beach with no crowds and if the waves are breaking, the surfers come running. Sydney Harbour divides Northern Sydney and the northern suburbs by the more populated suburbs of Sydney itself.

Cronulla Beach

After crossing the bridge and halfway through a few leafy North Sydney suburbs, manly is the 1st shore you get to. This long stretch of beach is an ideal place to roll out your beach towel, set up your beach umbrella and play in the surf. The Manly locals are virtually brought up on the beach, learning how to swim at a young age and learning how to surf whenever they learn to manage themselves in the sea. Manley’s sandy beach is great for learning the game of kings, but when the waves get big, the pros go to Fairy Bower, one of Australia’s hottest big wave surfing areas.

They are followed by legions of onlookers, who observe the activity from the top of the cliffs above Manley’s southern headland. Whether you are grommet learning the ropes in the milder Waves along Manly Beach or a seasoned pro new from a session at Fairy Bower, you are going to be hungry once you escape the water. You would not have far to go so as to find something you are hungry for. The Coors, Manley’s long pedestrian only thoroughfare has enough restaurants, cafes and fast food outlets to satisfy anyone’s hunger.

The fare is not confined to Aussie food, either. The multi-cultural combination of eateries on the Coors provides you as much range of options as you could ever desire and Is cronulla a nice place to live. In actuality, there is nothing you would not find from the Coors. Locals do their shopping there right next to the tourists. Between the souvenir shops, the boutiques and the mixed products stores on the Coors, you will find all you require.

If you would like to see manly but do not want to travel by road, then choose the Manly Ferry. It is a great way to see the Sydney Harbour from a unique perspective. Once you land, there will be a local bus waiting to take you to Manly. The only tricky thing about finding a Manly accommodation for the night or the weekend will be choosing between the many which are available.